Reading Log

This is a log of books I’ve read. The idea is to keep track of books I liked or disliked and when I last read them, in case I want to re-read them later. I started it in 2021 so it’s definitely not complete.

I read non-linearly and with no obligation to finish a book, just like if books were Twitter. (I mean, think about it: books are the original social media.) I just pick up any book I feel like reading on that day and start reading the parts that seem interesting. If a book is boring, I just drop it. I have a lot of books that I haven’t read yet and maybe I never will. I don’t care. The point of a personal library is to have plenty of books to choose from so you actually get excited enough to grab a book and read. (Anyone who’s visited a public library knows this feeling.) What’s the value of having a library where you’ve read every book? That’s just storage for old paper.

Each year is split in two categories:



Partially Read